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  • We tailor our services to your requirements.


Part of the FM Group, Felicitas Insurance Advisors, Agents and Sub-Agents Ltd is a pan-European insurance advisory company. We specialise in the provision of tax efficient insurance based structures to amongst other things, counter the effect of personal taxes on investors savings and investments.

“Don’t let the tax tail wag the investment dog”

Throughout Europe, insurance based structures are generally granted a favourable treatment when it comes to taxing the proceeds from maturities, claims, withdrawals and surrenders. This is because at its most basic level, the use of insurance policies has been a cornerstone foundation in the financial planning armoury of the ordinary citizen seeking financial security for themselves and their families for generations.

Insurance contracts today have developed into sophisticated structures through which provision can be made for virtually any eventuality. However the insurance contracts that are of interest to us are those that confer beneficial advantages upon the policyholder and beneficiary within the context of European legislation.

FM Insurance Services

Our clients can benefit from the structural design of an insurance contract to address the following needs and concerns:

Tax efficient capital growth

Asset Protection

Regular Savings

School Fees Provision

Pre and post retirement planning

Tax Mitigigation

Life Assurance Protection

Private Medical Cover

Travel Insurance

Bringing international solutions to domestic markets:

We source insurance based client solutions from across Europe including, UK, Cyprus, Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg and Lichtenstein.

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